Spotify to continue service in Uruguay

Spotify to continue service in Uruguay

Spotify this week announced it will continue to operate in Uruguay, despite recent changes to music copyright law. The company made the decision after the Uruguayan government clarified that the new law would not require Spotify to pay additional fees to local rightsholders.

Spotify this month announced it will exit Uruguay over Copyright Law changes, but ended up reversing its decision.

The changes to the music copyright law in Uruguay were originally expected to require Spotify to pay an additional 10% of its revenue to local rightsholders. However, the Uruguayan government has clarified that this requirement does not apply to Spotify, as the company already pays roughly 70% of its revenue to rightsholders worldwide.

For Spotify Premium subscribers in Uruguay, the changes will have no impact. They will still be able to access the full Spotify experience, including ad-free listening, offline playback, and access to all of their favorite music.

Spotify Free users will also not be affected by the changes. They will still be able to stream their favorite music for free, although they will continue to be subjected to advertising and other limitations.

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