Starting with Snapchat Ads Manager

Starting with Snapchat Ads Manager
Snapchat Ads Manager

Snapchat Ads Manager is the Snapchat self-ad platform that enables advertisers to place targeted ads on Snapchat. Snapchat Ads Manager has a minimum daily spend of 20 euros per day.

Everyone can do Snapchat ads. Snapchat accepts credit card or paypal as payment methods.

Snapchat has 3 campaign types: awareness (branding), consideration (branding/performance) and conversions (performance). It enables advertisers also to do app install campaigns, drive traffic to web and app, engagement campaigns, video views, lead generation, website conversions, and catalog sales.

Advertisers can target the country, regions, radius targeting or postal codes. Can target gender, ages (13 to 35 – or >35), languages, lifestyle audiences, devices (iOS or Android), connection (wifi or cell), and carriers.

Retargeting is possible on Snapchat via a pixel or the matching of crm data (emails, phone Numbers, mobile IDs). Snapchat also has available lookalike audiences.

How does Snapchat auction work?

Advertisers have 3 bidding types:

  • Auto-bidding: Snapchat set the bid on behalf of the advertiser to get the most goal actions given the budget and target audience.
  • Max Bid: This bidding strategy set the maximum amount Snapchat can bid for the advertiser while trying to achieve the most efficient CPA possible.
  • Target Cost: This bidding strategy set the average CPA. Target Cost is not available for higher funnel optimization goals and is only available when the ad set is optimized for the following: Swipes, App Installs, Long Form Video Views, Shares, Pixel Events, and Story Opens.

Snapchat is not completely clear how the auction works. Snapchat says that “auction winners are not solely selected based on the advertiser’s monetary bid, but rather, through the inclusion of a quality and relevance component. The winning ad is the ad that we believe drives the most value to the overall platform.”

Snapchat says it wants to drive maximum advertiser value at the most efficient price while also ensuring consumers continue to have positive experiences on the platform.

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