Streaming surges in Poland as Traditional TV holds steady

Streaming surges in Poland as Traditional TV holds steady
Poland Nielsen Gauge™ report

Polish viewers are increasingly turning to streaming services, with streaming viewership jumping 8% in January 2024 compared to December 2023, according to the latest Nielsen Gauge™ report.

Despite the rise in streaming, total daily TV viewing time remained stable at 4 hours and 19 minutes. This suggests that viewers are not abandoning traditional TV entirely, but rather incorporating more streaming into their viewing habits.

Among streaming platforms,, HBO Max, Canal+Online, and Netflix all experienced viewership gains in January. This contributed to streaming capturing a record 7.6% share of total TV viewing, the highest level since Nielsen began issuing Gauge™ reports in Poland.

Netflix remains the dominant streaming service in Poland, with its share of TV viewership increasing to 2.1% in January, up from 1.9% in December.

While streaming viewership rose, traditional TV channels held onto their audience share. Terrestrial television remained the most popular platform, capturing 30.1% of total viewing time. Satellite TV followed with 22.3%, and cable TV came in third with 16.2%.

Polish series, news programs, and ski jumping World Cup broadcasts were the most popular content among TV viewers in January.

The Nielsen Gauge™ report is based on data from a panel of 3,500 Polish households and nearly 9,700 individuals. The data includes viewing of live TV, time-shifted viewing, and video on demand (VOD).

It's important to note that the "Other" category in the report includes viewing of unidentified content, which could include some streaming services not explicitly mentioned in the report.

The increasing popularity of streaming services in Poland is a trend that is likely to continue. It will be interesting to see how traditional TV channels respond to this challenge and how the streaming landscape continues to evolve in the coming months.

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