Taboola announces advancements in generative AI AdMaker for advertisers

Taboola today unveiled new advancements in its Generative AI technology for advertisers. With Taboola Generative AI AdMaker, advertisers can now make instant adjustments to their existing creative assets, such as replacing backgrounds or generating image variations, significantly reducing the time required to launch their campaigns.

One use case for Taboola's Generative AI AdMaker is its ability to enhance the launch of seasonal campaigns. Advertisers can now create automatic variations of their existing campaign images with seasonal themes, including those related to holidays, back-to-school promotions, Valentine's Day, Halloween, New Year's Eve, and more. This feature empowers advertisers to stay agile and relevant in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

According to Taboola, over 25% of all new creative assets produced by Taboola's self-service advertisers now leverage some aspect of the Generative AI technology. In the first two weeks of launching campaigns featuring these AI-generated assets, many have outperformed campaigns that did not utilize this technology.

Taboola's Generative AI technology advantages

  1. Produce Creative Copy: The technology enables advertisers to create multiple variations of campaign titles and descriptions to appeal to diverse target audiences. This allows for a more personalized and engaging ad experience for consumers.
  2. Generate Original Images: Advertisers can experiment and create multiple creative assets, helping them keep their campaigns fresh and relevant, particularly when tapping into seasonal opportunities. This flexibility ensures that the creative content aligns perfectly with the intended audience's interests and needs.
  3. Leverage Best Practices: Taboola's Generative AI technology is built on insights from tens of thousands of successful campaigns. This means that advertisers can harness AI-driven recommendations that have consistently delivered return on investment (ROI) for businesses on the Taboola platform.

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