Taboola launches Taboola Select targeting large advertisers with premium publisher network

Taboola launches Taboola Select targeting large advertisers with premium publisher network
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Taboola this week announced the launch of "Taboola Select," a new offering designed specifically for large advertisers. This program provides access to a curated selection of Taboola's most premium publisher partnerships.

Taboola Select represents a first for the company, offering advertisers access to performance-driven campaigns through a highly vetted subset - just 15% - of Taboola's top publishers in the United States.

This curated network includes well-known names like Yahoo, Business Insider, and The Associated Press. Advertisers benefit from exposure on these premium destinations, ensuring brand safety and visibility within trusted editorial content.

Taboola Select allows advertisers to leverage strategically placed standalone ad units across various sections of esteemed publisher websites. These placements include prominent positions on homepages, within mid-article sections, and a new offering called "Featured Placements."

Brands opting for Taboola Select can utilize the familiar Cost-Per-Click (CPC) buying model while also leveraging Taboola's advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This includes Taboola's Maximize Conversions bidding technology, which according to the company, consistently reduces Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) by an average of 15%.

“Taboola is giving advertisers access to the most trusted publishers in the world, to reach consumers,” commented Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola. “Reliable and effective performance advertising has always been crucial, as these types of campaigns continue to help brands stay resilient and drive results regardless of industry headwinds. Taboola Select is one of the industry’s most unique packages for large advertisers to tap into, to run performance campaigns and to reach consumers at scale. We’re combining brand safe environments via our direct relationships with the world’s most premium publishers, with prominent ad placements that brands simply can’t get anywhere else.”

With nearly 600 million daily active users, Taboola serves as a platform for over 18,000 advertisers. The company is also a leader in powering e-commerce recommendations, driving over 1 million monthly transactions with key customers including Walmart, Macy's, Skechers, and eBay.

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