Taboola partners with Foundry

Taboola today announced a new partnership with Foundry, the media and marketing technology division of IDG.

Taboola partners with Foundry

Taboola today announced a new partnership with Foundry, the media and marketing technology division of IDG. This collaboration aims to improve user engagement, audience development, and monetization opportunities for Foundry's network of consumer websites.

Taboola is a company that leverages artificial intelligence to provide content recommendations for various digital properties, including websites, devices, and mobile apps. Their platform helps users discover content they might be interested in, while also assisting publishers in driving user engagement and monetization. Taboola boasts partnerships with major digital properties like Yahoo, CNBC, BBC, and NBC News.

Foundry is the media, data, and marketing technology division of IDG. It manages a network of consumer websites focused on technology, including Macworld, PCWorld, TechHive, Tech Advisor, PCWelt, and M3. These websites attract a combined audience of 28 million monthly visitors according to the press release.

What does the partnership entail?

Foundry will be integrating Taboola's suite of recommendation products across its websites. This includes:

Taboola Feed: This feature provides readers with personalized content recommendations in a seamless feed format, potentially leading to a more engaging user experience.

Explore More: This offering is designed to increase the time users spend on Foundry's websites by recommending additional content based on their interests. This can be particularly useful for users who arrive at the site from social media or apps.

By utilizing Taboola's technology, Foundry aims to personalize the user experience across its various touchpoints. This includes optimizing content recommendations to better match user interests and potentially leading to increased engagement.

Impact on Users and Advertisers

The Taboola and Foundry partnership has the potential to benefit both users and advertisers:

Users: Foundry's websites could see a more personalized browsing experience with relevant content recommendations. This could lead to users spending more time engaged with the content.

Advertisers: Through Taboola's platform, advertisers might gain access to a wider audience within Foundry's network of technology-focused websites. Additionally, the personalized recommendations could potentially lead to more targeted advertising placements.

The collaboration between Taboola and Foundry represents a strategic alliance within the digital content space. By leveraging Taboola's recommendation technology, Foundry aims to enhance user engagement and potentially unlock new monetization opportunities. This partnership could lead to a more personalized browsing experience for users and potentially benefit advertisers seeking to reach a targeted audience within the technology niche.

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