Targetspot partners with Cuebiq to bring offline attribution capabilities to digital audio

Cuebiq today announced a partnership with Targetspot to bring offline attribution capabilities to digital audio. The partnership will enable U.S. advertisers to measure whether a digital audio campaign was effective in driving traffic to brick-and-mortar locations and to identify and leverage actionable insights into the offline consumer journey.

“At Targetspot, we are always seeking new ways to prove the value of digital audio in all its forms. As attribution technologies become smarter and more sophisticated, it became clear to us that Cuebiq was the right partner,” stated Dominick Milano, SVP of Sales and Business Development in North America, Targetspot.

Cuebiq says its first-party data and reach of opted-in daily active users enables scalable attribution capabilities. Cuebiq says also that utilizes an opt-in and opt-out framework that is GDPR compliant and CCPA-ready.

“Thanks to mobile technology, digital audio can now be more accurately measured, akin to other ad mediums like digital, OOH and TV advertising, to help marketers see if, how, and when their digital audio campaign drove consumers to store,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO, Cuebiq. “We look forward to working with Targetspot to provide advertisers with a better view of how marketing activations are changing consumer behaviors.”

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