Teads eliminates low-quality MFA inventory

Teads eliminates low-quality MFA inventory
MFA sites are designed primarily to generate ad revenue

Teads this week announced a step in its commitment to quality media by achieving 100% Made-For-Advertising (MFA) free inventory. This move reinforces the company's dedication to fostering a healthy digital advertising ecosystem that prioritizes quality journalism, brand safety, and authentic engagement.

The rampant growth of MFA websites has negatively impacted the digital advertising landscape. These sites, designed primarily to generate ad revenue, often lack original content, prioritize ad quantity over quality, and can harm user experiences. Their inflated inventory gives a skewed impression of available advertising space and can drive misguided spending.

Teads, in collaboration with Jounce Media, has actively worked to identify and eliminate MFA sites. According to Chris Kane at Jounce Media, "MFA publishers siphon ad spend that media buyers would otherwise deploy to reputable publishers."

Teads recognizes the critical distinction between the seemingly limitless supply of MFA-generated inventory and the scarcity of quality media inventory. The company’s decision addresses a key industry challenge highlighted by a recent ANA report revealing that 15% of programmatic advertising spend is allocated to MFA websites.

Benefits of MFA-Free Advertising

  • Enhanced User Experience: Prioritizing quality publishers ensures better user experiences, reducing clutter and intrusive ads.
  • Focus on Meaningful Metrics: Teads prioritizes quality engagements, visits, conversions over basic metrics easily manipulated by MFA sites.
  • Support for Quality Journalism: Prioritizing authentic publishers promotes a thriving environment for high-quality journalism.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Studies show MFA sites have a larger carbon footprint, making Teads' efforts beneficial for sustainability.

Teads' efforts have yielded tangible improvements in advertiser traffic quality, including increased page views and time spent per visit. Chris from Jounce further notes: “Teads’s decision to remove MFA inventory demonstrates the company’s commitment to building a durable marketplace that serves the needs of media buyers and authentic publishers.”

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