Teads is now offering True Visits to advertisers

Teads this week announced a new offering: Teads True Visits. The new offering contains a new buying model, CPi­V, leveraged by Teads AI capabilities to identify and attract new visitors to advertisers’ websites.

With True Visits, Teads introduces the CPi­V buying model: The Cost Per incremental Visitor (CPiV). Teads says that brands do not pay for clicks but only for new visitors, excluding those who have visited their website before. Additionally, Teads only charges one visit per user during the campaign.

Teads says that brands buying clicks are often disappointed when they see that, on average, 50 percent of their bought clicks never actually load their landing page. In addition, they are paying for returning users at the same price as new users, and are charged several times if a user clicks more than once.

“Teads has built its strong reputation as a CPCV (Cost per Completed View) pioneer for video campaigns. We will adopt the same revolutionary approach for performance campaigns: advertisers should not pay for clicks but only for true visitors!” said Bertrand Quesada, CEO of Teads.

Teads is now reaching an audience of 1.2 billion monthly unique visitors, including 800 million on mobile. According to comScore, Teads’ global reach is ahead of Oath, Adap.tv, Brightroll, Adobe’s Tubemogul and Bertelsmann’s SpotX. In many countries, including the U.S., the company’s potential reach is larger than Facebook.