Telaria partners with Outside TV to monetize the Connected TV programmatically

Telaria this week announced a partnership with Outside TV, a video content provider in action and adventure sports. Following a distribution deal whereby Outside TV’s connected TV app will now be preloaded onto all Samsung Smart TVs, Outside TV has partnered with Telaria to bring its video inventory to advertisers.

Outside TV has now a library of over 7,000 premium videos, including original exclusive series. Outside TV accumulates tens of millions of views per month. According to Telaria, Outside TV’s audience has a median household income of over $99,000.

By utilizing Telaria’s VMP, Outside TV will have access to specific solutions made for “big screen” video formats, enhancing the connected TV ad experience to be more like traditional TV. Features such as ad podding, which eliminates ad redundancy and conflict, and audio normalization, which ensures that content and ads are delivered at the same volume level, are important considerations for publishers, advertisers, and viewers alike.