The Trade Desk integrates Inscape’s data insights into the Planner

The Trade Desk today announced a partnership with Inscape. The partnership will integrate Inscape’s data insights directly into The Trade Desk’s Planner, a cross-device advertising planning tool for digital and connected TV campaigns.

The Trade Desk says Inscape is the largest single source provider of Smart TV viewing data in the U.S. Inscape’s viewing data covers over 12 million active, opted-in smart TV devices.

“Integrating Inscape’s near real-time TV viewing data into Planner helps our clients plan and activate their omni-channel campaigns with smart, data-driven insights,” said Nate Gawel, General Manager of Data Partnerships, The Trade Desk. “This partnership helps us identify opportunities for incremental reach, frequency and GRPs to improve the impact of both linear and digital TV ad buys.”

According to The Trade Desk, advertisers can also build authenticated audience segments using pseudonymous data to activate campaigns across channels and stages of the marketing funnel; extend reach by using cross-screen reach and frequency metrics to plan and automatically optimize TV campaigns; provide the ability to target viewers who were either exposed or not exposed to a brand’s TV commercials.

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