This week: Doubleclick updates the impression counting on app based on MRC guidelines

Google today announced that starting this week, DCM and DBM will count mobile in-app impressions based the IAB and MRC’s count-on-download guidelines. This “reflects a decision to no longer use MRAID for mobile in-app impression counting” and “advertisers may see higher impression counts in certain mApp environments, and lower discrepancies with publishers using the count-on-download guidelines” says Google.

In 2016, Google lost the certification with MRC (MRC Accreditation Status Communication), the council that defines the viewability standards, and until now MRC only reinstated the accreditation on web environments, back in February 2017.

Google did a plan to change the impression counting so it follows again the viewability guidelines of MRC.

The roadmap from Google

This shift to follow the latest IAB and MRC impression counting guidelines impacts several aspects of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform. In order to allow for adequate transition time, we introduced the count on download methodology in phases. Here are key dates for users of DoubleClick Campaign Manager:

February 6, 2017: A new Downloaded Impressions metric was made available in DCM. This metric is a preview of the count on download calculation methodology that is used in the existing Impressions method as of October 2017.
March 1, 2017: Active View calculations use downloaded impressions for measurable and eligible impressions, causing viewability rates to increase.
September 11, 2017: Mobile app impressions use a revised approach for counting downloaded impressions.
October 2, 2017: Image assets no longer serve through the DCM standard placement tag because this does not support downloaded impressions. 1×1 impression tracking pixels are not impacted.
October 2, 2017: The calculations used for the Impressions metric have been updated to the count on download method. As of this point, attribution and billing that uses impressions are based on downloaded impressions.
January 8, 2018: Further revisions for mobile app impressions.

Using this newest methodology from the IAB and MRC:

Ensures that the data you get from DoubleClick follows the latest industry standards.
Saves you media budget because you’ll no longer be paying media or ad serving fees for impressions where content never made it to a user’s browser.
Reduces discrepancies with third-party viewability providers as the industry moves towards this common counting methodology.
Paves the way for further MRC accreditation for DoubleClick products.