TikTok enhances Data Portability, aims for DMA compliance

TikTok enhances Data Portability, aims for DMA compliance

Facing its designation under the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA), TikTok this month announced a range of measures to improve platform transparency and user data control.

These efforts are in line with the goals of the DMA, which aims to regulate large online platforms and promote fairer competition in the digital market. DMA is a European Union regulation aimed at ensuring fairness and competition in digital markets. It targets large online platforms with significant market power, labeling them as "gatekeepers." These gatekeepers are subject to specific requirements to prevent unfair practices.

Key Actions Towards Compliance

  • Enhanced Data Portability API: TikTok has implemented a new Data Portability API, enabling registered developers to request user permission to transfer a copy of their data. Users can authorize one-time or recurring transfers, with granular choices for data categories.
  • Improved "Download Your Data" Tool: The existing Download Your Data tool has received significant speed and functionality upgrades. Now users can choose which data categories to export, allowing greater selectivity over extracted information.
  • Business User Data Access: TikTok's analytics suite for business accounts has been bolstered, including an Accounts API to access additional performance data. Business accounts will also benefit from the enhanced data portability tools.

TikTok emphasizes its commitment to fulfilling its obligations under the DMA while the legal challenge to its "gatekeeper" designation is ongoing. Emphasizing its support for the DMA's goals, the company states that the designation could stifle competition from newer platforms.

TikTok plans to expand the availability of these data portability tools globally in the future and will introduce a webform for Business Accounts to collect user feedback related to DMA compliance.

The DMA introduces regulations that apply to large online platforms deemed "gatekeepers." Designated companies, such as TikTok, are obligated to provide greater interoperability and data portability to ensure a fairer digital marketplace.

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