TikTok expands Measurement Partner Program with Cross-Channel and Lift specialties

In a move to enhance marketing effectiveness, TikTok has introduced two new partner specialties – Cross-Channel and Lift – under its Measurement Badge category.

Measurement Partners TikTok
Measurement Partners TikTok

In a move to enhance marketing effectiveness, TikTok this week has introduced two new partner specialties – Cross-Channel and Lift – under its Measurement Badge category.

These new designations recognize experts in attribution and incrementality measurement, empowering brands to gain a deeper understanding of TikTok's impact on their marketing campaigns.

With its immersive and engaging platform, TikTok has become a powerful tool for brand discovery and action. However, measuring ad campaign effectiveness on TikTok poses unique challenges, as users often absorb brand messages visually and may not click on ads directly.

The introduction of Cross-Channel and Lift partners addresses this gap by providing brands with access to advanced measurement solutions that go beyond last-click. These partners can utilize a combination of TikTok's first-party attribution solution and vetted third-party methods to provide comprehensive insights into the customer journey and the incrementality of TikTok campaigns.

Cross-Channel partners focus on analyzing the impact of TikTok ads across various marketing touchpoints. They employ multi-touch attribution techniques to provide a holistic view of the customer's path to purchase, identifying the most impactful channels for achieving marketing goals. Post-purchase surveys, another key area of expertise for Cross-Channel partners, gather direct feedback from customers to understand their actual paths and consumption behaviors.

Lift partners, on the other hand, specialize in measuring the incremental impact of TikTok advertising on specific marketing objectives. They leverage a variety of methods, including brand lift studies, sales lift analysis, store visit lift measurement, and tune-in lift studies, to quantify the true value of TikTok campaigns.

"Partnering with our Cross-Channel and Lift measurement experts provides better visibility into consumer behavior beyond last click," remarked Melissa Yang, Global Head of Marketing Partnerships and Industry Education at TikTok. "Working with our partners reveals the true impact of TikTok marketing campaigns, while also providing strategic insight that can be leveraged to drive meaningful growth for businesses."

By collaborating with these specialized partners, brands can gain a more accurate understanding of TikTok's contribution to their marketing success, making informed decisions about campaign optimization and resource allocation. The new Measurement Partner specialties serve as a testament to TikTok's commitment to providing brands with the tools and data they need to maximize their return on investment.

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