TikTok unveils SKAN 4.0 enhancements for iOS advertisers

TikTok's SKAN 4.0 integration introduces a range of enhancements to optimize data collection and subsequent insights for iOS 14+ campaigns.

SKAN 4.0 enhancements for iOS advertisers
SKAN 4.0 enhancements for iOS advertisers

The rise of Apple's AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework with iOS 14 sent shockwaves through the digital advertising landscape.

Attuned to the need for accurate measurement in this privacy-focused world, TikTok this month announced the availability of its dedicated SKAN 4.0 solution within TikTok Ads Manager. While previous versions of SKAdNetwork presented challenges for marketers, this latest update holds improvements and promises to ease measurement for iOS campaigns.

What's New with TikTok's SKAN 4.0 Solution

TikTok's SKAN 4.0 integration introduces a range of enhancements to optimize data collection and subsequent insights for iOS 14+ campaigns, including:

  • Increased Quota: Advertisers now have the ability to run up to 15 campaigns with 5 ad groups each. This significantly expands capacity compared to the 11 campaigns x 2 ad groups limitation of SKAN 3.0, enabling greater potential for simultaneous testing and activation.
  • Longer Attribution Windows: TikTok Ads Manager now provides clearer attribution windows with periods of 2, 7, and 35 days. These expanded windows give advertisers a broader view of the user journey within their app, facilitating a deeper understanding of campaign impact.
  • Reduced "Null" Values: With the reporting of new coarse-grained conversion values, SKAN 4.0 promises decreased instances of "null" conversions in reporting. This leads to a more complete and reliable picture of campaign performance.
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: The SKAN 4.0 update sets the stage for TikTok's expansion of its reporting tools. Advertisers can anticipate features like real-time reporting, granular breakdowns, and estimates of lifetime value (LTV), all aimed at further improving campaign visibility and decision-making.

Why SKAN 4.0 Matters

TikTok's refinements come at a critical time. Internal testing on the impact of SKAN 4.0 on TikTok's platform revealed substantial benefits for advertisers. Through beta testing with 37 clients across various regions, the extended 35-day attribution window demonstrated considerable influence. 68% of these campaigns observed both a reduction in cost per acquisition (by an average of 37%) and a remarkable 220% increase in conversion rates when compared to SKAN 3.0 groups.

Furthermore, independent studies by Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) solidify TikTok's position as a leading iOS-efficient ad network. Findings include:

  • Adjust: A 95% lower SKAN CPI on average with TikTok in the US, with this advantage extending across multiple industries.
  • Kochava: TikTok campaigns exhibited an average conversion value three times higher than that of other top global SKAdNetwork partners.
  • Singular: Consistent top 5 ranking worldwide for iOS performance on TikTok across both gaming and non-gaming apps.

Getting Started with TikTok's SKAN 4.0 Solution

Harnessing the power of SKAN 4.0 with TikTok involves these key steps:

  1. Upgrade Your MMP SDK: Ensure your Mobile Measurement Partner utilizes the newest SDK version compatible with SKAN 4.0 functionality. TikTok's solution supports integrations with Adjust, Airbridge, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, and Singular.
  2. Update Your Schema: Prepare a Coarse Schema to complement the Fine Grained schema often automatically created. This step is essential for minimizing "null" values and accessing the extended attribution windows.
  3. Activate in TikTok Ads Manager: When initiating your iOS campaign, TikTok Ads Manager should provide a prompt to enable the SKAN 4.0 solution with one click, or the option is available in TikTok Events Manager.

For in-depth guidance and the latest best practices, TikTok has collaborated with MMPs Adjust and AppsFlyer to offer valuable resources. These include the comprehensive eBook Mastering SKAN: The essentials for iOS success and the expert-led webinar It's a SKAN 4.0 world after all: industry perspectives.

The transition to a SKAN-centric measurement framework is an ongoing process. TikTok's latest solution shows its commitment to helping advertisers navigate these changes. By staying informed and leveraging the enhanced capabilities of SKAN 4.0, iOS marketers stand to gain greater visibility, efficiency, and campaign success on the TikTok platform.

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