TikTok updates Promote Tool: enhanced features and desktop integration

TikTok updates Promote Tool: enhanced features and desktop integration
TikTok Promote

TikTok this month announced updates to its Promote advertising tool, offering marketers increased capabilities and a smoother workflow. The primary change is a seamless integration with TikTok Ads Manager, bringing more advanced features and desktop accessibility to the user-friendly Promote interface.

What is TikTok Promote?

Promote is designed with small businesses in mind, providing a straightforward way to boost the visibility of organic TikTok videos, carousel posts, and LIVE streams. Marketers can use Promote to achieve various goals, including:

  • Follower Growth: Reach a wider audience and attract new followers.
  • Website Traffic: Drive users to your website or online store.
  • Sales: Promote products and services through your TikTok Shop.
  • Community Engagement: Amplify the content of creators and affiliates discussing your brand.

Key Updates to Promote

  • Advanced Optimization Tools: Access sophisticated campaign creation, targeting, and bidding options previously only available in TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor crucial metrics related to sales and leads for better campaign analysis and optimization.
  • Desktop Management: Manage campaigns, billing, and reporting from a convenient desktop interface, complementing the existing mobile experience.
  • Resource Integration: Utilize a shared budget between Promote and Ads Manager, easily allocate funds, and repurpose existing creatives.

How To Use Promote

You can find Promote within your TikTok profile:

  1. Access your Profile and tap the three lines.
  2. Select "Business Suite" and locate the Promote section.
  3. Additionally, the "..." icon on any video offers a Promote option.

To integrate Promote with TikTok Ads Manager, follow the prompts within the app or go to the Order Details page of a Promote campaign.


TikTok Promote

These enhancements to TikTok Promote offer marketers a valuable blend of accessibility and power. The mobile-first approach remains ideal for quick content boosts, while the Ads Manager integration provides granular control and advanced features for sophisticated campaigns.

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