TrafficGuard launches a free protection against click ad fraud

TrafficGuard launches a free protection against click ad fraud

TrafficGuard today announced the launch of a free pay-per-click (PPC) protection. The free plan is free up to $2,500 spend in Google Ads. It includes Google Ads coverage, 24/7 monitoring, IPv6 support, intelligent analytics, real-time reporting, real-time invalid traffic detection, and automatic known-host ip blocking.

The plan pay as you go costs 1% of the Google Ads spend, and includes all features of the free plan, plus real-time mitigation of fraud, automatic ip blocking, automatic range blocking, custom extension rules, conversion tracking, and priority support.

TrafficGuard estimates that businesses lose up to 30 percent of their budgets to ad fraud from fraudster tactics like bots and click fraud.

“Ad budgets are getting slashed and ad fraud is continuing to reduce them even further. By offering our PPC ad fraud protection for free, we want to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to get the transparency they need to fight fraud to protect their advertising,” said Luke Taylor, founder and COO of TrafficGuard. “At TrafficGuard we have been working hard, from home, to get our free solution ready for businesses now, when they need it most. As a demonstration of our commitment to building a stronger digital advertising ecosystem, we have decided our free solution is here to stay. This is a really challenging time for many businesses and we want to help alleviate some of that pressure on businesses. In addition to our free offering, our premium PPC solution is now pay-as-you-go, allowing our larger customers more flexibility in tough times.”

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