Tremor Video DSP and Dstillery form a partnership to bring new audiences into programmatic video

Tremor Video DSP this month announced a cooperation with the data scinc company Dstillery. Tremor Video DSP will now deliver an audience targeting solution based on Dstillery’s predictive marketing intelligence

Tremor says that brands can now grow their audience by discovering new, relevant consumers who resemble their customer base, deliver customized videos, increase engagement and unlock new revenue opportunities.

“Innovation is imperative in our ever-evolving and competitive advertising ecosystem,” said Jarod Caporino, President of Resolute Digital. “Tremor Video DSP and Dstillery’s joint solution benefits our clients because we can capitalize on their combination of data and video creative to optimize audience reach and amplify engagement.”

Advertisers can take advantage of several targeting capabilities to support their primary goals and objectives, including:

The ability to layer an array of their own data with a custom audience-building algorithm, created by Dstillery exclusively for Tremor Video DSP, to discover new customers and extend their reach.

Advertisers that want to reach specific audiences can use Tremor Video DSP to leverage Dstillery’s comprehensive suite of pre-built audiences, which are dynamically updated on a daily basis across various categories in Retail, Auto, Travel, Finance, CPG, Telecom, Healthcare & Services, B2B/Tech, and Media & Entertainment