TripleLift and ID5 partner to enhance targeting

TripleLift and ID5 partner to enhance targeting
TripleLift and ID5

TripleLift and ID5 this week announced a partnership that will enhance advertisers' ability to target audiences. This collaboration leverages ID5's identity solutions to allow advertisers to onboard their first-party data and activate it through TripleLift Audiences, TripleLift's audience targeting platform.

This means that brands and agencies can now use their own first-party data to not only target specific audiences, but also to create lookalike models that can be used to expand their reach beyond their existing customer base.

“ID5 is committed to providing publishers and advertisers with scalable addressability technology that makes advertising effective and relevant for consumers,” said Mathieu Roche, CEO and Co-Founder, ID5. “We are excited to collaborate with a like-minded partner like TripleLift and join forces to offer clients new ways to leverage their first-party data to reach their target audiences across the entire open web”.

ID5's solution is well-suited for the open web, as it is designed to be privacy-compliant and GDPR-compliant. This means that advertisers can use the data they collect to target audiences without compromising the privacy of their users.

The data onboarding, ID matching, and lookalike capabilities made possible through this partnership will be available later this quarter. This will allow advertisers to immediately begin leveraging their first-party data to target audiences across the open web.

TripleLift Audiences, which launched in 2023, delivers audience-targeted advertising in all browsers, for all web ad formats, and as a complement to ID solutions with more than 1,300 off-the-shelf segments and additional customizable options. TripleLift says it is committed to growing this offering.

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