TripleLift buys European DMP 1plusX

TripleLift buys European DMP 1plusX
TripleLift acquires 1plusX

TripleLift today announced the acquisition of 1plusX, a DMP headquartered in Switzerland used by publishers like Axel Springer, Fox, Hearst and Le Figaro.

The acquisition cost roughly $150 million, according to the WSJ. 1plusX acquisition will enable Triplelift to combine Media+Data.

Triplelift says early next year will offer advertisers first-party targeting solutions, before the third-party cookie deprecation.

“The deprecation of both third-party cookies and cross app targeting means many parts of digital advertising will need to be rebuilt from the ground up. That’s some major change. Today we’re excited to announce that we have not only reacted to this challenge, but we are putting ourselves in the position to be the industry leader in the years to come,” wrote Eric Berry, Co-founder and CEO at TripleLift, in a letter to employees.

Triplelift says 1plusX created a privacy-centric, consent-based system that provides an alternative to the cookie and app ID based systems of today. Triplelift says 1plusX technology will help publishers and advertisers to activate their audiences with scale, effectiveness, and in a privacy-friendly way.

Triplelift will integrate 58 members of the 1plusX team into their teams over the next months. 1plusX Co-Founder and CEO Jürgen Galler, along with most of the 1plusX team, will report to Ari Lewine, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of TripleLift. 1plusX Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer Thomas Hoffmann will report to Triplelift’s SVP, Technology Jaison Zachariah.

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