Triton Digital and Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (NLO) to launch Podcast Reports in the Netherlands

Triton Digital and Nationaal Luister Onderzoek (NLO) today announced the upcoming launch of Podcast Reports in the Netherlands, powered by Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service. Triton Digital says the reports will provide a ranking of the Top Networks as well as Top Podcasts and Audio on Demand in the Netherlands for the first time, as measured by Podcast Metrics. The first Netherlands Podcast Report will debut in 2020.

Podcast Reports eliminate inconsistent measurement practices and self-reported data, providing content creators, brands, and media buyers in the Netherlands with a validated and transparent podcast and audio on-demand metrics. Reported entities will be ranked by average downloads, inclusive of audio-on-demand requests, in accordance with the latest IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines.

“We are pleased to partner with the world’s leading provider of digital audio and podcast measurement to bring this highly anticipated visibility to podcast and audio-on-demand networks, media buyers, and the industry at large,” said Frans Kok, Managing Director at NLO. “The Podcast Reports will not only increase awareness around the podcast and audio-on-demand content in the Netherlands but will serve as a guide to assist advertisers in understanding the opportunities that exist in leveraging the burgeoning digital audio space to reach their target audiences.”

Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics measurement service is certified by the IAB Tech Lab as complying with Version 2.0 of the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines.

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