TuneIn expands in-vehicle entertainment options with Great Wall Motors partnership

TuneIn partnered with Great Wall Motors to integrate its library of radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks into select car models in Europe and Australia.

TuneIn expands in-vehicle entertainment options with Great Wall Motors partnership

TuneIn this week nnounced a new collaboration with Great Wall Motor (GWM), a prominent Chinese automaker. This partnership integrates TuneIn's extensive audio library into select GWM car models in Australia and Europe, starting in June 2024.

The partnership aims to elevate the in-vehicle entertainment experience for GWM car owners. TuneIn boasts a vast audio library encompassing:

  • Live Radio: Over 100,000 radio stations across the globe provide a constant stream of live news, music, and talk shows.
  • Podcasts: With 5 million podcasts available, users can discover and listen to content on a wide range of topics.
  • Audiobooks: TuneIn offers 100,000 audiobooks, catering to listeners who prefer audiobooks over traditional books.

GWM car owners will have access to the basic TuneIn service. Additionally, they will receive a complimentary 90-day trial of TuneIn Premium. This premium tier unlocks features like:

  • Commercial-Free Listening: Enjoy music and news stations without interruptions from commercials.
  • Live Sports Coverage: Access live broadcasts of a global variety of sporting events.

Both companies expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration. Nicole Wu, Vice President of GWM, highlighted TuneIn's extensive audio library and technical expertise in integrating with automotive infotainment systems. Rich Stern, CEO of TuneIn, emphasized the opportunity to partner with a leading global automaker like GWM.

This partnership expands TuneIn's presence within the in-vehicle entertainment market. The company already boasts collaborations with other major car manufacturers including Tesla, Rivian, and XPENG. TuneIn's integration into GWM vehicles broadens its reach to new markets in Europe and Australia.

TuneIn is a dominant player in the live audio streaming landscape, with over 75 million monthly active users. The platform offers access to its vast library through over 200 connected devices and partnerships with 14 automotive brands, solidifying its position as a major provider of in-vehicle audio entertainment.

The collaboration between TuneIn and GWM signifies a growing trend of automakers integrating advanced audio streaming options into their vehicles. This partnership provides GWM car owners with a diverse and user-friendly audio entertainment experience, while simultaneously expanding TuneIn's footprint in the global automotive market.

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