Twitch to hit 41.5 millions viewers in the US

A growth of 26.2% year-over-year.

Twitch users in the US
Twitch users in the US

eMarketer last week predicted that the game viewing streaming platform Twitch will reach 41.5 million viewers in the USA. A growth of 26.2% year-over-year.

eMarketer adds 4 million US users to 2020 forecast due to the coronavirus lockdowns. According to eMarketer, the number of US gamers will jump 5.0% in 2020—the highest growth rate since 2015—to 174.7 million.

“Twitch is benefiting hugely from the overall spike in live video viewers,” said eMarketer forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Peter Vahle. “While more people are watching video game livestreams on the platform, the rise of nongaming channels like ‘Music’ and ‘Just Chatting’ is attracting many first-time viewers.”

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