Understanding Programmatic DOOH

Understanding Programmatic DOOH
Programmatic DOOH

IAB Australia last week hosted a webinar about Digital Out of Home (DOOH). The webinar is open for non members and it explains the differences between programmatic DOOH and programmatic on other channels, like video and display. The slides are available here.

What makes special to buy programmatic DOOH

Bidding and Impressions

On DOOH one impression can result in multiple impressions, while in programmatic one won auction can result in only one impression.


DOOH bid requests do not contain any user ids, so measurement partners need to be engaged for attribution and reach/frequency measurement.


According to IAB Australia, the auction in DOOH occurs ~1 minute in advance of the loop starting, between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.

Screen types are the contextual targeting in DOOH

DOOH has multiple screen types that advertisers can target. Screen types include retail, roadside, rail, street furniture, pharmacies, petrol stations, gyms, offices, medical waiting rooms, and more.

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