2024 upcoming Netflix Games

These additions aim to cater to a wide range of player preferences, with titles based on popular Netflix shows, narrative adventures, classic card games, and more.

Netflix Games
Netflix Games

Netflix yesterday announced a lineup of 14 new games coming soon to its growing mobile gaming library. According to a company blog post, these additions aim to cater to a wide range of player preferences, with titles based on popular Netflix shows, narrative adventures, classic card games, and more.


The announcement highlights games based on popular Netflix series, allowing fans to step into the worlds of their favorite shows. "The Dragon Prince: Xadia," for instance, is a cooperative action RPG based on the animated series of the same name. Players can team up as heroes from the show and embark on missions within the fantastical world of Xadia.

Too Hot to Handle 3
Too Hot to Handle 3

Similarly, "Too Hot to Handle 3" offers a mobile game experience based on the reality dating show. Players navigate relationships and challenges within the game's virtual retreat, replicating the show's premise.

Beyond these licensed titles, Netflix is introducing a variety of other games. "The Case of the Golden Idol" puts players in the shoes of an 18th-century detective, tasked with solving a complex mystery. "Hearts" offers a mobile-friendly version of the classic card game, while "Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit" lets players build a campsite and befriend quirky ghosts on a mysterious island.

The announcement also features new titles from established game developers. Three games from Klei Entertainment, known for titles like Don't Starve, are coming to Netflix: "Lab Rat," "Don't Starve Together," and "Rotwood." These additions show Netflix's commitment to partnering with reputable studios to bring quality games to its platform.

With these new additions, Netflix's mobile gaming library continues to expand. According to the blog post, the company expects to have a total of 86 games available by the end of 2024, all included with a Netflix subscription and free of in-app purchases or advertisements. This focus on ad-free, subscription-based gaming provides a distinct user experience compared to many other mobile games.

While specific release dates for some titles are still to be announced, several games are slated to arrive in the coming weeks. "Netflix Stories: Perfect Match" launches on June 6th, followed by "The Case of the Golden Idol" on June 11th, "Hearts" on June 18th, and "Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit" on June 25th. "Too Hot to Handle 3" is expected on July 23rd, with "The Dragon Prince: Xadia" arriving on July 30th.

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