U.S. consumers plan to spend at least as much this year on holiday gifts, Accenture finds

Accenture yesterday released the results the 13th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, where it found out that U.S. consumers plan to spend at least as much this year on holiday gifts as they did last year. Accenture says that there is a growing trend of “responsible retail,” with shoppers more concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases.

One of the conclusions of the 13th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, that could1,500 U.S. consumers interviewed, is that Americans look for inspiration in the stores. However, 82% of respondents cited lower prices as the top factor that would tempt them to make an in-store purchase, followed by special offers/discounts (77%).

“While having a strong online proposition has become table-stakes, physical stores will still play an important role in the future,” said Jill Standish, senior managing director and head of Accenture’s global Retail practice. “With consumers planning to do half of their holiday shopping in-store, retailers need to carefully plan their strategy for customer service, including labor, assortment and allocation of inventory. With creativity and ingenuity around the store footprint, retailers have an opportunity to leverage the surge in holiday foot traffic not only to increase holiday revenues but also to find those special customers who will be the loyal ones they depend on all year.”

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