Venezuela blocks Wikipedia amid presidential dispute

The NetBlocks internet observatory yesterday announced it has collected evidence of the blocking of all editions of Wikipedia in Venezuela. The restrictions are implemented by the largest telecommunications’ provider CANTV. Blocked users confirmed on Twitter.

NetBlocks says the study comprises 60,000 metrics and has also identified a major network disruption affecting telecommunications’ infrastructure. Venezuelans have limited ability to communicate and access information.

According to NetBlocks, the restrictions are believed to be an attempt to suppress a Wikipedia article that listed newly-appointed National Assembly president Juan Guaidó as “president number 51 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Juan Guaidó (in the picture above) is disputing the government, declaring himself ready to assume the presidency. Juan Guaidó is the head of Venezuela’s parliament and says Maduro is an illegitimate usurper.

Venezuela joins Turkey as the only other country known to block the entirety of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.