Verizon Media to offer Apple News inventory for its native ads

Verizon Media this week announced that it has established an exclusive offering of native programmatic advertising opportunities in Apple News and Stocks across iPhone, iPad and Mac in Australia, Canada and the U.K.

According to Verizon Media, native formats drive 11x the average engagement of a traditional banner ad. Apple News inventory was until now a walled garden were only Apple, and publishers could sell directly the ads.

When the ads were directly sold by publishers, they will keep 100 percent of the revenue. If the ads were sold by Apple, publishers will get 70% of the revenue. For the ads between the articles, on the channels, the rev share model is 50% for the publishers that participate. Revenue is allocated by Apple based on the proportionate time spent by users with each channel’s articles.

Apple News and Stocks advertising platform only supports image-based third-party impression and click tracking (e.g. 1×1 tracking pixels). Other types of tracking tags including JavaScript, iFrames, or cookie-based trackers are not supported.

Third-party attribution tracking is not supported. Click re-directs from affiliate or referral links are permitted. The third-party ad tag vendors supported are Bonsai, Celtra, Dianomi, Google Campaign Manager, Polar, and ResponsiveAds.

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