Videos about how to use Header Bidding published by AppNexus

AppNexus, the owner of the project Prebid, published 12 videos about Header Bidding. According to AppNexus “over 73% of sites in’s top 1,000 employing some kind of header bidding setup.”

The videos cover most of the questions that publishers have when they began the header bidding implementation. See here how header bidding works:

Header Bidding Setup

Downloading and Installing Prebid.js

Ad Server Setup for Header Bidding

Setup DFP for Header Bidding

Ad Units Array Setup

Troubleshooting Header Bidding Configuration

Troubleshooting Ad Server: Size and Inventory

Troubleshooting Ad Server: Line Item Rate and Priority

Troubleshooting Header Bidding Calls

Prebid Video Overview

Prebid Video: Instream

Prebid Video Outstream