Webinar: 5 Ways CMOs can prove value

On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT, Jay Baer, President at Convince & Convert, Gary Clinger, VP, Marketing Campaigns at Workfront, and Thorin McGee, Editor-in-Chief/Content Director at Target Marketing, are giving a free webinar of 1 hour about 5 Ways CMOs can prove value.

Learn here 5 ways CMOs can prove that their marketing team is:

  • Crucial to the business
  • Doing more than creating swag
  • Able to execute with speed, creativity, and quality
  • A valuable, strategic partner to other business units

As the CMO, you need the ability to demonstrate value — beyond lead generation — to avoid being viewed as irrelevant, ineffective, or unproductive. But you also need the tools, skills, and knowledge that will help you improve the internal perception of your marketing organization.