Webinar: The Future of E-Commerce & Digital Stores

On Wednesday, Sept 27th at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST, Fiona Swerdlow, VP Research Director at Forrester Research, and Evan James Product Marketer at QuanticMind, will give a webinar about the future of e-commerce & digital stores.

The webinar with Forrester Research for the specific trends and strategies to succeed during the most important time of year for retail with featured speaker Fiona Swerdlow.

In this webinar, will be explored:

The evolving e-commerce landscape and changing priorities for online & digital store
Specific strategies for retail on mobile, digital and online-to-offline
Powerful initiatives to adapt to the changing customer journey in 2017 and beyond

When you register, you’ll also get access to the full March 2017 Forrester report, “The Future of the Digital Store.”

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