What are Custom Affinity and Custom Intent audiences?

What are Custom Affinity and Custom Intent audiences?

Custom list targeting is a tool within Google's DV360 and Google Ads (as custom segments) offering a refined approach by empowering marketers to pinpoint specific audiences. This capability includes both Custom Affinity and Custom Intent audiences.

Custom Affinity: Aligning with Interests

Custom Affinity audiences are ideal for reaching people based on their broader interests and the types of media they consume. Advertisers provide keywords, URLs, and even relevant apps to cast a wider net. Imagine a fitness apparel brand – by building a Custom Affinity audience around interests like "running" or "yoga," and websites and apps focused on healthy living, they can connect with fitness enthusiasts.

Custom Intent: Targeting Purchase Decisions

Custom Intent audiences offer an even higher degree of precision by focusing on people actively researching products or services. This is particularly valuable for advertisers looking to target those in the thick of the buying decision process. There are two variations:

  • Custom Intent (Display, Video): Use keywords and URLs directly related to your offerings on display and video ad campaigns across various sites and apps. A gardening supplier might target keywords like "vegetable garden tips" or URLs of plant nurseries.
  • Custom Intent (YouTube): Specifically tailored for YouTube video ads, where the audience is built around search terms users have entered on Google.com.

Important Considerations

  • Reach Estimates: Display & Video 360 is unable to forecast audience reach for custom lists, including Custom Affinity and Custom Intent.
  • Editing Limitations: Custom list segments cannot be altered after creation.
  • Sensitive Verticals: Ads promoting sensitive topics like gambling or alcohol cannot be shown to custom audience segments.

To get the most out of custom intent targeting:

  • Specificity is Key: Choose 10-15 focused keywords for Custom Intent (Display, Video). For Custom Intent (YouTube), a minimum of 50 search keywords is recommended.
  • Relevant URLs: Identify websites and apps your ideal customers likely frequent (avoid those requiring logins).
  • Stay Within Guidelines: Understand Display & Video 360's content policies, particularly those related to sensitive keywords.

Custom list targeting adds a powerful dimension to any digital advertising campaign. Custom Intent, especially, lets marketers home in on potential customers who are actively expressing interest in their products or services. If you're looking to improve your advertising ROI and target a focused audience, this is undoubtedly a tool worth exploring.

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