WhatsApp introduces Disappearing Voice Messages

WhatsApp introduces Disappearing Voice Messages
Voice Messages View Once

WhatsApp this week introduced a new feature that allows users to send voice messages that disappear after they have been listened to.

This feature, called "View Once," is similar to the existing "View Once" feature for photos and videos, and it provides users with an extra layer of protection for sensitive information.

With View Once voice messages, users can share confidential information, such as credit card details or surprise plans, without worrying about the messages being accidentally saved or shared with others. The feature is clearly marked with a "one-time" icon to ensure that users are aware that the messages will disappear after they have been played.

"We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages," said WhatsApp in a statement. "Today, we're excited to announce you can now send a voice message that will disappear once listened to."

The implementation of View Once voice messages aligns with WhatsApp's commitment to protecting user privacy. All voice messages, including View Once messages, are encrypted end-to-end by default, ensuring that only the sender and intended recipient can access the content.

The rollout of View Once voice messages is currently underway and is expected to be completed globally over the coming days. Users can expect to see the new feature appear in their chats once it has been fully rolled out.

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