X CEO Linda Yaccarino on safeguarding information independence and combating hate speech

X CEO Linda Yaccarino has delved into the delicate balance between information independence and the need to combat hate speech.

Linda Yaccarino
Linda Yaccarino

X CEO Linda Yaccarino yesterday has delved into the delicate balance between information independence and the need to combat hate speech. She argues that while unfettered access to information is crucial for societal progress, it must be tempered with responsible moderation to prevent the spread of harmful content.

Yaccarino emphasizes the importance of empowering individuals to make their own informed decisions, stating that "people want (need) unfiltered, accurate, information to make their own decisions." However, she also acknowledges that some platforms and media entities have engaged in heavy content filtering, distorting people's understanding of reality.

She applauds X's commitment to providing a platform for open and unfiltered discourse, where everyone can express their thoughts without censorship. She also highlights the company's efforts to combat misinformation through its community-led approach, involving over 375,000 contributors across 65 countries.

However, Yaccarino stresses that information independence must never be used as a shield for hate speech. She firmly condemns antisemitism and other forms of bigotry, emphasizing that "freedom of speech and safety can and must coexist."

X is taking concrete steps to combat hate speech, removing millions of pieces of content and suspending accounts that violate their policies. They have also established stronger ties with organizations dedicated to community safety, both online and offline.

Yaccarino concludes by outlining X's mission to create an indispensable global town square, where everyone has the freedom to connect, debate, share information, and transact. She reiterates that this can only be achieved by striking a delicate balance between information independence and the fight against harmful speech.

"Let's make up our own minds – because we can handle the truth," Yaccarino urges. "Let's fight hate with kindness and understanding. Let's do it all together."

X (formerly Twitter) has been facing criticism for its handling of hate speech on its platform. In 2023, the European Commission sent a request for information to X under the Digital Services Act. The Commission services said they were investigating X's compliance with the DSA, including regarding its policies and actions regarding notices on illegal content, complaint handling, risk assessment and measures to mitigate the risks identified. The Commission services are empowered to request further information to X in order to verify the correct implementation of the law.

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