Yahoo taps AWS for its ad tech business

Yahoo taps AWS for its ad tech business
Yahoo Ad Tech

Amazon last month announced Yahoo will migrate all of its advertising technology workloads - including its media-buying and supply-side platforms, analytics, and identity solutions and products - from its on-premises data centers to AWS.

According to Amazon, Yahoo Ad Tech reaches over 540 million people worldwide through its advertising software platform that gives advertising publishers, brands, and agencies the ability to upload creative and automate media-buying across an inventory of mobile, web, and TV channels.

Amazon says that Yahoo Ad Tech will construct a centralized data lake to store hundreds of petabytes of data, using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

“By harnessing the power of AWS, we’ll be able to move faster and give our customers what they value most—advertising solutions that provide the right combination of performance, audiences, and revenue growth,” said Aaron Lake, senior vice president of Platforms Engineering and chief information officer at Yahoo. “Running all of Yahoo Ad Tech on AWS provides us with a broad portfolio of world-class services that will allow us to help advertisers achieve the returns they want by providing them with precise audience targeting, while our ad publisher customers are able to scale and monetize their ad space.”

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