YouTube announces updates for Creators: Editing long videos, moderating comments, and more

These updates focus on improving the video editing experience, streamlining comment moderation tools, and introducing new features for Shorts creation and discovery.

Korea Coupang Shopping Affiliate Program Launched
Korea Coupang Shopping Affiliate Program Launched

YouTube creators received a variety of updates this month. This was announced in a YouTube Creators channel update video. These updates focus on improving the video editing experience, streamlining comment moderation tools, and introducing new features for Shorts creation and discovery.

Previously, videos exceeding 6 hours were not eligible for editing within Youtube Studio. This posed a challenge for creators, particularly live streamers who often produce lengthy content. The update removes this limitation, allowing creators to edit videos of any length within Studio. However, YouTube acknowledges that processing times may be longer for very long videos.

Moderating comments is an essential task for many creators, especially those managing large channels with high volumes of audience interaction. Previously, creators could only select comments for actions like removal or reporting within the "Held for Review" tab. The update expands comment moderation capabilities by allowing creators to select and moderate multiple comments directly within the "Published" tab. This streamlines the process for creators who spend significant time managing unwanted comments.

Korea Coupang Shopping Affiliate Program Launched

The Youtube Shopping affiliate program is expanding to include creators in Korea. This program allows creators to tag products from Coupang, a major South Korean e-commerce platform, directly within their videos, Shorts, and live streams. Creators can earn commission when viewers purchase the tagged products. Additionally, YouTube is partnering with Cafe24, a South Korean e-commerce solutions provider, to simplify the process for creators to open a store, import products, and tag them within their YouTube content.

Testing Comment Topics for Shorts

In 2023, YouTube introduced comment topics, automatically generated summaries of comment sections, for long-form videos in English with large numbers of comments. This feature received positive feedback, and YouTube is now testing its application on Shorts. The experiment targets a limited group of viewers and Shorts with high comment volumes on the YouTube mobile app. If you are part of the experiment group, you will see a new option to sort comments by topic when viewing Shorts on mobile. Creators can leverage these comment summaries to participate in discussions, gain inspiration for new content based on audience engagement, and remove individual topics if necessary. It is important to note that these AI-generated topics are based solely on published comments and cannot be derived from comments flagged for review, containing blocked words, or originating from blocked users.

Shorts Title and Description Update on Android

YouTube has adjusted how titles appear on Android devices when viewing Shorts. The update aims to declutter the Shorts player interface and enhance viewer experience when discovering new Shorts content. When a user taps on a shortened title, the full title and description are displayed on the screen. There are creator considerations associated with this update. If your Short does not contain hashtags, the title will be shortened to one line. If hashtags or mentions are included, the title and hashtags may be displayed on up to two lines. While description information can’t be added during the initial upload, creators can add descriptions later within the YouTube app or Studio. YouTube acknowledges creator feedback regarding the preference to add descriptions during upload, and they are exploring potential solutions.

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