YouTube Efficient Reach Line Items to Automatically Include In-Feed and Shorts Ads

YouTube Efficient Reach Line Items to Automatically Include In-Feed and Shorts Ads
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Google has announced an upcoming change to YouTube Efficient Reach Line Items on the Display & Video 360 platform. Soon, these line items will default to include in-feed and YouTube Shorts ads, offering advertisers expanded reach opportunities. Users retain the option to exclude these formats if desired.

YouTube Efficient Reach Line Items focus on maximizing impressions at the lowest possible CPMs. They combine skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads to optimize reach and frequency across YouTube and its partner sites.

Key Changes

  • Expanded Default Reach: In-feed ads and YouTube Shorts will now be automatically included within Efficient Reach Line Items, broadening potential reach for campaigns.
  • Opt-Out Remains Possible: Advertisers who prefer to utilize only skippable in-stream and bumper formats can opt-out of in-feed and Shorts within their line item settings.
  • Recommendation: Google advises including at least one short video ad (6 seconds or less) and one longer video ad (7 seconds or more) to maximize reach potential.

This update aims to simplify campaign set-up for advertisers seeking maximum reach across YouTube's diverse ad inventory. By automatically including in-feed and Shorts, Google aims to further optimize impression delivery and help advertisers connect with a wider audience.

Important Notes

  • Shorts Video Length: For Shorts inclusion, videos must be at least 5 seconds long, with longer ads looping and offering a "Watch Page" click-out option after 50 seconds.
  • Measurement Limitations: Third-party measurement support for multi-format YouTube & partner line items (including Efficient Reach) has limitations. Advertisers should consult with their measurement partners for details.

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