YouTube Select

YouTube Select
YouTube Select

YouTube Select is an advertising program that provides brands with access to the top 5% of most popular channels on YouTube. These channels are handpicked by YouTube teams based on their high engagement, viewership, and relevance to specific markets.

By advertising on YouTube Select, brands can reach their target audiences with highly relevant and engaging ads in a premium environment.

Benefits of YouTube Select

  • Reach the most passionate audiences: YouTube Select targets the top 5% of most popular channels on YouTube, ensuring that your ads are seen by highly engaged and receptive viewers.
  • Drive brand awareness and affinity: With YouTube Select, you can showcase your brand alongside premium content that aligns with your target audience's interests, fostering positive brand associations.
  • Advanced brand suitability controls: YouTube Select offers rigorous brand suitability checks to ensure that your ads are served in safe and appropriate environments, protecting your brand reputation.
  • Personalized campaign recommendations: YouTube Select specialists work closely with brands to develop tailored campaign strategies and lineups that align with their specific needs and goals.
  • Seamless integration across YouTube platforms: YouTube Select ads can run across YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, YouTube TV, and other YouTube-branded properties, reaching your target audience wherever they engage with the platform.

Types of YouTube Select lineups

YouTube Select offers a variety of lineup options to cater to different marketing objectives and audiences. These lineups include:

  • Vertical lineups: These lineups focus on specific content categories, such as Entertainment & Pop Culture, Food & Recipes, or Music.
  • Channel-based lineups: These lineups target specific YouTube channels with high viewership and engagement in a particular vertical.
  • Partnership lineups: These lineups are created in collaboration with industry partners, providing access to exclusive content and target audiences.

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