YouTube streamlines Product Tagging for Creators, boosting efficiency

YouTube streamlines Product Tagging for Creators, boosting efficiency
Product Tagging on YouTube

YouTube today announced is rolling out a major update to its product tagging functionality within YouTube Shopping, making the process faster and more convenient for creators. The key change is the introduction of bulk tagging, allowing creators to apply product tags to multiple videos simultaneously.

Bulk Tagging: A Time-Saving Tool

Gone are the days of manually tagging products one video at a time. With bulk tagging, YouTube Shopping will automatically detect suggested products based on links already present in your video descriptions. Creators can then:

  • Select specific videos to be tagged
  • Quickly tag all suggested products or individually select items
  • Tag products across a large library of videos in a few simple steps

This streamlined approach is particularly beneficial for creators with substantial video catalogs who want to maximize their product tagging efforts.

Timestamps for Even More Precision

Alongside bulk tagging, YouTube reminds creators about the timestamp feature. Timestamps allow you to associate products with specific moments in your long-form videos (at least 1 minute in length), guiding viewers to the exact point when a product is featured.

Enhanced Analytics and Insights (US Only)

For US-based creators, YouTube also touts expanded reports in YouTube Analytics. These reports provide valuable data on the performance of tagged products, revealing how they drive traffic and audience engagement.


While these updates are available now for US creators, YouTube assures that a global rollout of the bulk tagging feature is planned within the next few weeks.

Staying Compliant: Tagging Guidelines

YouTube emphasizes the importance of following tagging guidelines to ensure optimal results and avoid potential issues with the affiliate program. These guidelines include:

  • Only tagging clearly featured and relevant products
  • Using products in the way they were intended

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