131 CMPs out of 150 passes the TCF validation test of IAB Europe

IAB Europe this week announced that 131 CMPs (Consent Management Platforms) out of over 150 passes a validation test, being awarded the official TCF v1.1 Compliant Seal. IAB Europe says the CMPs not compliant were suspended temporarily, and the ones that don’t demonstrate an interest in complying will be definitively deactivated, and their ‘consensu.org’ sub-domains decommissioned.

According to IAB Europe, the tests occurred over the last five months. The TCF Compliance Team validated all registered TCF CMPs with a CMP Validator that checked the implementation of the TCF, including data returned from the CMP API and the contents of the consent string.

CMPs collect, store, and share consent information across the advertising ecosystem in order to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

“The CMP Validator is a comprehensive testing tool, built with ease of use and comprehensive feedback as key considerations. It is an example of the commitment of IAB Europe and National IABs to help companies comply with European privacy and data protection law and ensure the longer-term sustainability of the ad-supported Internet,“ said Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe.

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