Adsquare partners with Vistar Media

Adsquare partners with Vistar Media

Adsquare yesterday announced a partnership with Vistar Media, a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) exchange. The partnership extends Adsquare's audience targeting into programmatic Out-of-Home in the UK. Adsquare and Vistar Media expect a further global expansion.

According to Adsquare, advertisers will be able to use their segments in any open exchange or private marketplace (PMP) DOOH campaign.

Adsquare combines mobile audience data with SDK-derived background location data to index DOOH screens based on the ratio between all users seen in proximity to the inventory and users seen at the screens which are part of the targeting segment of choice. These calculations allow Adsquare to score each DOOH screen, so buyers can target those that have a high propensity of reaching their desired audience segment.

“It’s more important than ever to have flexibility when planning out-of-home, so that marketers can build data-driven campaigns that support their unique goals and can adapt to changing conditions in the market,” said Dominic Dunne, Managing Director, EMEA at Vistar Media. “Adsquare audience targeting complements Vistar’s robust data solutions to provide maximum flexibility to marketers.”

In August, Vistar Media launched the first real-time bidding open exchange for out-of-home advertising (OOH).

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