Adva Levin won the first Alexa Kids Skills Challenge and she is not a developer

Levin’s Alexa skill Kids Court won the $20,000 Grand Prize, plus a $5,000 Finalist Prize, in the Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids. And Adva Levin is not a developer. “I’m a content writer and a designer, not a developer,” says Levin. “I knew I wanted to do something with voice and kids. When Amazon announced the competition, it was a huge motivation for me to get into the Alexa space.”

According to Amazon, the competition Alexa Skills Challenge: Kids had a total of 20 finalists. Developers representing 30 countries around the globe were in competition. The submissions occurred until January 10, and the skill had to be on the U.S. Alexa Skill Store.

The winner: Alexa, Open Kids Court!

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