Advertisers can now buy out-of-home video inventory in Germany via Adform

Advertisers and agencies can now acquire Public Video Inventory (PV) from Ströer – with public video screens that can be played in the public space. Ströer, one of the biggest German Publishers, has linked its Public Video Infrastructure to Adform’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and provided an automated interface for programmatically requesting available Audience-based public video inventory via its own trading desk.

“The partnership with Adform shows that the implementation systems of Public Video and Online are aligning further. This enables new integrated processes that will lead to more efficiency on all sides, “explains Robert Bosch, CMO of Ströer. “For our customers, this means an even more flexible, simpler, faster and thus optimized booking of advertising times, whereby spots can be played out in a targeted manner and with a wide range of reach. Together with Adform, we will continue to develop the offer in the coming months.”

Planning and bookings with the smallest possible occupancy unit of an hour, a selected station or a mall are possible at introduction with expanded and more granular options rolled out over coming months.

“By integrating their Public Video SSP into our full-stack platform, Adform customers can book Ströer’s digital out-of-home (OOH) inventory programmatically – and at the moment also exclusively. The joint launch of Programmatic Out-of-Home is unique in the market, and we are very proud to have had Adform selected as a strategic partner to drive a joint solution into one of the world’s most important markets, “says Holger Mews, SVP Continental Europe & MENA at Adform.

“Programmatic Buying” and “Addressable (D)OoH”: Advertisers and agencies can use Adform to define targets and target groups in order to better target their advertising and ultimately use the budget more efficiently. The basis for automated campaign planning is, among other things, data linked to sites.

The play out logic of the public video network is also made much more flexible: an ad server carries out the program compilation fully dynamically and flexibly. The preconditions have already been created by Ströer with the development of a new media system for Public Video and the development of an interface to the Supply Side Platform (SSP).

As part of the new way to book through a platform logic, Ströer will gradually provide new products with the following focus:

  • Programmatic PV Audience based buying
  • Contextual extension of (online) topic channels
  • Extension of online advertising forms via PV
  • Cross Channel Retargeting (PV + Mobile)