Amazon Advertising is now TAG certified

Amazon Advertising yesterday announced that has earned the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Seal in the capacities of a Buyer, Direct Seller, and Intermediary. The TAG-ID is 4582cc3fa09ce42f, and covers all ad formats and products.

Advertisers using Amazon Advertising products have now the assurance that their ad spend has industry-standard protection against invalid traffic (IVT) that has been independently audited to meet TAG guidelines, Christian Martine, Sr. Program Manager at Amazon, wrote.

TAG is an industry body that aims to eliminate fraud, combat malware, fight piracy, and promote brand safety in digital advertising. Amazon is co-chair in the Business Transparency Committes, member of the Inventory Quality Guidelines and Anti-Malware Working Groups, and member of the TAG Leadership Council, the operational decision-making body for TAG’s initiatives, and the TAG Anti-Fraud Working Group, which oversees the TAG Certified Against Fraud Program.

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