Amazon DSP streamlines Campaign Management with New Overview Page

Amazon DSP streamlines Campaign Management with New Overview Page
Amazon DSP

Amazon Ads this year announced the launch of a new Campaign Overview Page within the Amazon DSP platform. This update aims to simplify campaign management workflows for advertisers and agencies leveraging Amazon DSP for programmatic advertising.

Amazon DSP is a programmatic advertising platform offered by Amazon Ads. Programmatic advertising involves the automated buying and selling of ad placements across various websites and apps. Advertisers can use Amazon DSP to target specific audiences with display, video, and audio ads across Amazon-owned properties and various third-party exchanges.

The Campaign Overview Page serves as the new default landing page for users who access the Amazon DSP section within the advertising console. This page is designed to provide a consolidated view of key campaign management aspects, streamlining workflows and saving users time.

Key Features of the Campaign Overview Page:

  • Favorited Advertisers: Users can easily access frequently used advertiser accounts through a "favorites" section, allowing for quick navigation to their most important campaigns.
  • Recently Modified Campaigns: The overview page displays a list of recently modified campaigns, helping users stay updated on any recent changes or adjustments made to their campaigns.
  • Campaign Pacing Insights: A critical feature of the overview page is the ability to monitor campaign pacing, which refers to the rate at which a campaign's budget is being spent. The page highlights campaigns most at risk of underdelivering on their budget goals, enabling users to prioritize campaign optimization efforts.
  • Quick Action Recommendations: Building on the pacing insights, the overview page offers quick action recommendations. These suggestions can guide users towards potential solutions for underperforming campaigns, such as budget adjustments or targeting optimizations.

Benefits for Advertisers and Agencies

Prior to the launch of the Campaign Overview Page, user feedback indicated that Amazon DSP lacked a clear starting point for daily campaign management tasks. Many users resorted to creating external spreadsheets to track campaign pacing and identify areas requiring attention. The new overview page eliminates this need by offering a centralized location for crucial campaign insights and actionable recommendations within the platform itself.

The Amazon DSP Campaign Overview Page is currently available to users in all major regions, including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Any user with access to Amazon DSP will automatically have access to the new overview page.

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