AnalyticsIQ data with over 231 million unique individuals integrated in Eyeota

AnalyticsIQ, a predictive analytics, will be profiles that are “exclusively available through the Eyeota Data Marketplace,” Eyeota yesterday announced.

According to Eyeota, AnalyticsIQ leverages more more than 1,000 data attributes, from demographics to affluence details, on over 231 million unique individuals and 118 million households in the U.S.

AnalyticsIQ is a marketing analytics firm that provides consumer data and analytics solutions. The company compiles raw, known data from more than 120 offline data sources to engineer its consumer audiences.

“As the only data partner that provides heuristic onboarding for AnalyticsIQ, Eyeota delivers greater reach and scale for our Symphony lifestyle segments across the U.S.,” states Anna Brantley, Chief Revenue Officer, AnalyticsIQ. “We are thrilled to partner with Eyeota, an established and trusted leader in audience data, to enable more advertisers and marketers to understand consumers and target our unique lifestyle personas.”

Eyeota Data Marketplace is offering now more than 3.5 billion unique profiles to help advertisers and marketers identify and target audiences for their campaigns on programmatic.

“AnalyticsIQ provides valuable insights into consumer lifestyle and purchase habits. Its unique psychological approach offers accurate and powerful predictive data elements that brands can leverage to determine the motivations behind consumer purchases,” states Kevin Tan, CEO, Eyeota. “We look forward to our partnership and helping brands improve their audience targeting and optimize their engagement strategies with the right consumers.”