AppNexus SSP rebranded as Xandr Monetize

Xandr this week renamed AppNexus SSP as Xandr Monetize. Xandr Monetize includes an ad server, supply side platform (SSP), and yield analytics.

According to Xandr, Xandr Monetize platform unifies all inventory and transaction types, and demand channels. Xandr says is enabling publishers and media owners to focus on creating more content, innovating with advertising formats, and attracting interested consumers.

Programmatic OTT with Prebid was also introduced bringing programmatic demand to TV.

“Xandr is a trusted partner to media companies, attuned to their challenges and innovating in support of their growth. Now, with the size, scale, and resources of AT&T, we are uniquely positioned to offer the scaled, streamlined selling platform the industry needs,” said Ryan Christensen, SVP of Product, Xandr. “With the launch of Xandr Monetize, our future is primed for collaboration that expands and enriches what media companies offer their advertisers and consumers.”

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