AppNexus will require several vendors to register on the IAB consent framework

AppNexus announced last week that will require several vendors to register for the Global Vendor List of IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework. The requirement is due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

AppNexus specified the all ad tech vendors mandatory to register at the IAB’s Framework: Ad tech companies that ingest AppNexus log level data feeds to receive personal data (e.g. user id, mobile device id, IP address, latitude & longitude), integrate into AppNexus platform as a bidder, real time data provider, or mediation partner, or own any technology that gets served on page, such as a custom pixel or tag from a domain you own that’s served with creatives.

According to AppNexus, the Global Vendor List allows third parties (i.e. vendors) that are accessing users’ devices and collecting and processing users’ data to provide a uniform framework to their clients (i.e. publishers and advertisers) to make standardized disclosures about who they are, what data they collect, how they use it (“purposes”), and what legal basis they rely on to use the data, among other disclosures. Putting this information in a centralized list allows publishers and advertisers to communicate with one another about which vendors are allowed to access their users’ personal data in a standardized way.