Oracle buys Grapeshot in the GDPR Contextual era

Oracle is acquiring Grapeshot, the company announced today. The agreement was signed today (April 24, 2018) and this acquisition happens ahead of GDPR, the EU regulamentation that can limit data usage on programmatic.

Grapeshot is a provider of contextual targeting integrated in multiple DSP´s, like AppNexus and MediaMath, and allows advertisers to build custom keyword combinations for targeting, normally used for brand safety, but also for performance.

Grapeshot has an interface, called Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform,  where advertisers can see insights on which keywords the campaigns ran, and on which keywords there were clicks or conversions.

According to Oracle, “every month, over 38 billion programmatic ad impressions are enhanced using Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform in dozens of languages, and this number has grown well over 100% year over year.”

Grapeshot Contextual Intelligence Platform enables the rapid creation of highly-customized segments that allow marketers and their agencies to:

Oracle says that Grapeshot acquisition will expand Oracle Data Cloud’s ability to improve marketing outcomes for the current business partners worldwide, by adding context to Oracle Data Cloud’s expertise in Audiences and Measurement.

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