Bing Ads weeded out 650 million bad ads in 2017

Bing Ads last week announced the numbers of ads not allowed in search: 650 million ads were rejected. Neha Garg, Manager Ad Quality at Bing, says that this is five times more than in 2016.

In 2017, 60,000 websites and 90,000 “bad actors” were also removed from Bing Ads. According to Bing, this helps to promote relevant businesses and Bing is constantly working leveraging a combination of safeguards: machine learning techniques to power automation systems; domain expertise of the operations team, user safety experts to keep current with the new risk dimensions.

Why Bing block accounts? 65 million ads were blocked for trademark violation in 2017. Bing rejected 25 million ads for tech scams in 2017. Bing also banned more than 10,000 bad actors attempting to conduct phishing.